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    Digital Torque Meters
    HIOS HP-10 Digital Torque Meters
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    HIOS HP-10 Digital Torque Meters
    Digital Torque Meters
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    • +  Easy Clockwise and Counter Clockwise Measuring.
    • +  Takes Peak Value of Torque and Indicate, Making Accurate Reading.
    • +  Data Output and Analogue Output is the Standard Model.
    • +  Small Size, Light Weight and Rechargeable, Convenient for Traveling.
    • +  For measuring the torque setting of electric screwdrivers, torque drivers and torque wrenches.
    • +  For inspecting the torque of electric screwdrivers, torque drivers, and wenches, as well as for Laboratory inspection and function control.
    • +  For many other applications for which jig tools are devised.
    Digital Torque Meters Description:
    The HIOS HP-10 Digital Torque Meters are for torque setting of electric screwdrivers, checking of torque drivers or torque wrenches, etc. and torque measuring of rotors. Measured torque is displayed on digital indicator. Comes with printer and analog output terminals. Has power save function (gives 30 hours of continuous use in power save mode).
    • 1.LED display showing accurate numeric torque readings
    • 2.Convertible, and N.m
    • 3.Maintenance and display of max.torque value. Giving precision setting of torque for the tools
    • 4.Clockwise or counterclockwise operation for measurement of tightening and loosening torque
    • 5.Tracking and display peak value of torque, and easy reading of values
    • 6.Standard analog signal output
    • 7.Simple and robust mechanism, integral torque testing part and pull force gauge
    • 8.Statistical program control system
    • 9.Small size, light weight, rechargeable design, and convenience for carrying
    • 10.With energy saving function, allowing for extending service duration

    • Torque range:HP-10;,0.015~1N.m
    • Mode: highest, whole journey,first highest
    • Dimension: 123x230x65mm
    • Connecting cable length: 1mm
    • Screwdriver head : H4 or 1/4 hex, H5 or 1/4 hex
    • Power : five NiCd 1.2 V battery , 1200mAh
    • Charging time : 8 hours
    • Connection to use time : 30 hours
    • Transformer input : AC 220 ~ 240V or 120V DC7.25 V, output 120mA
    • Accuracy : less than ±0.5%

    Package Contains :
    • 1* Digital Torque Meters
    • 1* Metal box
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