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    Brand Style Touchscreen
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    Medusa Sinbad
    Medusa Sinbad
    3 Months Warranty
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    Medusa Sinbad
    Powerful Multibrand JTAG Tool!
    Seller : china_gz_onn
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    stock clearance notes
    • +  LG 3G-Cyon-Show-FOMA phones support
    • +  Anycall phones support
    • +  HTC and Sony Ericsson support
    Medusa Sinbad Description:
    Powerful Multibrand JTAG Tool! Supports LG 3G-Cyon-Show-FOMA phones, Anycall phones, HTC and Sony Ericsson phones.

    Medusa Box Sinbad Edition are locked to IP addresses of the following countries India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia. This means you will only be able to register or activate box from the following listed countries, and can not be used worldwide.

    Supported phone models:

    Alcatel OT-X090S (Dead boot repair, phone repair)

    AMOI S1, AMOI S2

    Dell XCD35 (Dead boot repair, device repair)

    Gigabyte GSmart G1310, Gigabyte GSmart G1345 (Dead boot repair, device repair)

    Haier HC-C2000, Haier HC-C2076 (Dead boot repair, phone repair) 

    HTC 7 Mozart (PD67100), HTC Blackstone, HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD, HTC Desire S, HTC Desire V,HTC Desire Z, HTC Dream, HTC Droid Eris (A6376), HTC Droid Incredible 2, HTC Elf, HTC EVO 3D,HTC Evo 4G (PC36100), HTC Explorer, HTC Flyer, HTC Freestyle, HTC HD2, HTC HD7, HTC Hero 100,HTC Imagio, HTC Incredible S (PG32130), HTC Inspire 4G, HTC Intruder, HTC Jade, HTC Magic,HTC myTouch 3G, HTC myTouch 3G (Espresso), HTC myTouch 3G (SAPP310), HTC myTouch 4G,HTC Nexus One, HTC One V, HTC Raphael, HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation 4G, HTC Sensation XL,HTC Smart (HTC Rome, F3188), HTC Surround, HTC Topaz, HTC Touch Diamond,HTC Touch Diamond (DIAM110), HTC Touch Diamond (DIAM300), HTC Touch Diamond 2 (TOPA200),HTC Touch Dual, HTC Touch Pro 2, HTC Touch2 T3333 (HTC Mega, PB74100), HTC TyTn II, HTC Wildfire,HTC Wildfire S

    Huawei C2803, Huawei C2807, Huawei C2808, Huawei C2906, Huawei E153, Huawei E153Eu-3,Huawei E1550, Huawei E156G, Huawei E158, Huawei E171, Huawei E172, Huawei E173, Huawei E173Eu-1,Huawei E1750, Huawei E272, Huawei E353u-2, Huawei E5380, Huawei E583c, Huawei EC3061,Huawei K3765, Huawei P705GO, Huawei S7-101, Huawei U1000S, Huawei U120S, Huawei U121,Huawei U2800, Huawei U2801, Huawei U7510, Huawei U7519, Huawei U8110, Huawei U8120,Huawei U8150, Huawei U8160, Huawei U8180, Huawei U8500, Huawei U85101, Huawei U8650,Huawei U8651T, Huawei U8652, Huawei U8800, Huawei U8800 Pro

    INQ Mini 3G

    KTFT Ever
    KTFT Ever EV-W530

    LG A340, LG A341, LG C550, LG C660, LG C660H, LG C660R, LG C710h, LG CT810, LG CT815, LG CU405,LG CU500, LG CU575, LG CU720, LG CU920, LG E400, LG E400F, LG E400G, LG E400GO, LG E405, LG E405f,LG E510, LG E510f, LG E510g, LG E720, LG E730, LG E730F, LG E739, LG E900, LG E900h, LG E906, LG E970,LG GD880, LG GD880f, LG GM730, LG GM730e, LG GM730f, LG GM735, LG GM750, LG GM750h, LG GM750n,LG GM750Q, LG GT540, LG GT540f, LG GT540G, LG GT540GO, LG GT540R, LG GT810H, LG KH1000,LG KH1200, LG KH1400, LG KH1600, LG KH1800, LG KH1800M, LG KH2100, LG KH2200, LG KH2700,LG KH3100, LG KH3400, LG KH3900, LG KH6400, LG KH6500, LG KH8000, LG KH8200, LG KU1000, LG KU2000,LG KU2800, LG KU3700, LG KU400, LG KU4300, LG KU6300, LG KU730, LG KU9100, LG KU9200, LG KU9300,LG KU9500, LG KU9600, LG L-01E, LG L-06C, LG L04A, LG L06A, LG L600i, LG L601i, LG L704i, LG L705i,LG L705ix, LG L706ie, LG L852i, LG LU2300, LG LV7400, LG LV7400R, LG P350, LG P350G, LG P350GO,LG P500, LG P500H, LG P505, LG P505R, LG P506, LG P506GO, LG P509, LG P690, LG P690b, LG P690f,LG P692, LG P692, LG P693, LG P700, LG P705, LG P705f, LG P705g, LG P705GO, LG P708g, LG P870,LG P930, LG P935, LG P936, LG SH110, LG SH150, LG SH150A, LG SH170, LG SH210, LG SH240, LG SH400,LG SH410, LG SH460, LG SH470, LG SH640, LG SH650, LG SH810, LG SU100, LG SU130, LG SU200,LG SU370, LG SU430, LG SU550, LG SU630, LG SU640, LG SU780, LG SU910, LG SU920, LG SU950, LG SU960,LG TU720, LG TU915, LG U8210, LG V909, LGE610, LGE610GO, LGE610v, LGE612, LGE612f, LGE612g,LGE617G

    Motorola MB200, Motorola MB501

    Pantec h P7040

    Samsung 707SC, Samsung 708SC, Samsung 709SC, Samsung 805SC, Samsung 821SC,Samsung 930SC, Samsung 940SC, Samsung GT-B2710, Samsung GT-B2710D, Samsung GT-C6712,Samsung GT-I5500, Samsung GT-I5500B, Samsung GT-I5500L, Samsung GT-I5503, Samsung GT-I5700,Samsung GT-I8000, Samsung GT-I8150, Samsun g G T-I8160, Samsung GT-I8190, Samsung GT-I8350,Samsung GT-I8530, Samsung GT-I9000, Samsung GT-I9001, Samsung GT-I9003, Samsung GT-I9020,Samsung GT-I9023, Samsung GT-I9070, Samsung GT-I9100, Samsung GT-N7000, Samsung GT-P1000,Samsung GT-S3370, Samsung GT-S3650, Samsung GT-S3653, Samsung GT-S3850, Samsung GT-S5230,Samsung GT-S5230G, Samsung GT-S5230H, Samsung GT-S5230M, Samsung GT-S5230W, Samsung GT-S5233,Samsung GT-S5233A, Samsung GT-S5233T, Samsung GT-S5233W, Samsung GT-S5250, Samsung GT-S5253,Samsung GT-S5260, Samsung GT-S5300, Samsung GT-S5350, Samsung GT-S5360, Samsung GT-S5363,Samsung GT-S5369, Samsung GT-S5380, Samsung GT-S5380D, Samsung GT-S5560i, Samsung GT-S5570,Samsung GT-S5570B, Samsung GT-S5570i, Samsung GT-S5570L, Samsung GT-S5600, Samsung GT-S5600V,Samsung GT-S5603, Samsung GT-S5660, Samsung GT-S5670, Samsung GT-S5830, Samsung GT-S5830B,Samsung GT-S5830D, Samsung GT-S5830i, Samsung GT-S5830L, Samsung GT-S5830T, Samsung GT-S5838,Samsung GT-S5839I, Samsung GT-S6010, Samsung GT-S6012, Samsung GT-S6352, Samsung GT-S6802,Samsung GT-S7070, Samsung GT-S7220, Samsung GT-S7230e, Samsung GT-S7350I, Samsung GT-S7500,Samsung GT-S7530, Samsung GT-S7562, Samsung GT-S8000, Samsung GT-S8300, Samsung GT-S8500,Samsung GT-S8530, Samsung GT-S8530, Samsung GT-S8600, Samsung S8530, Samsung SC-01B,Samsung SC-01C, Samsung SC-02B, Samsung SC-03D, Samsung SCH-I500, Samsung SCH-I535,Samsung SCH-M710, Samsung SCH-M715, Samsung SCH-W240, Samsung SCH-W270, Samsung SCH-W290,Samsung SCH-W300, Samsung SCH-W350, Samsung SCH-W3500, Samsung SCH-W390,Samsung SCH-W410, Samsung SCH-W550, Samsung SCH-W560, Samsung SCH-W570, Samsung SCH-W590,Samsung SCH-W750, Samsung SCH-W770, Samsung SCH-W780, Samsung SCH-W820, Samsung SCH-W830,Samsung SCH-W910, Samsung SCH-W920, Samsung SCH-W930, Samsung SCH-W940, Samsung SGH-A767,Samsung SGH-A847, Samsung SGH-A867, Samsung SGH-A887, Samsung SGH-A897, Samsung SGH-A927,Samsung SGH-B239, Samsung SGH-F338, Samsung SGH-F480, Samsung SGH-I547, Samsung SGH-I710,Samsung SGH-I718, Samsung SGH-I727, Samsung SGH-I727R, Samsung SGH-I777, Samsung SGH-I827,Samsung SGH-I897, Samsung SGH-i900, Samsung SGH-i908, Samsung SGH-I917, Samsung SGH-I937,Samsung SGH-L760, Samsung SGH-M8800, Samsung SGH-T469, Samsung SGH-T499, Samsung SGH-T589,Samsung SGH-T589R, Samsung SGH-T589W, Samsung SGH-T749, Samsung SGH-T759, Samsung SGH-T769,Samsung SGH-T919, Samsung SGH-T939, Samsung SGH-T959, Samsung SGH-T959V, Samsung SGH-T989,Samsung SGH-T989D, Samsung SGH-T999, Samsung SGH-U908E, Samsung SGH-Z140, Samsung SGH-Z150,Samsung SGH-Z400, Samsung SGH-Z500, Samsung SGH-Z510, Samsung SGH-ZV60, Samsung SHV-E110S,Samsung SHV-E120S, Samsung SHV-E160K, Samsung SHV-E160S, Samsung SHV-M130K,Samsung SHW-A110S, Samsung SHW-A130S, Samsung SHW-A160S, Samsung SHW-A170K,Samsung SHW-A180s, Samsung SHW-A200K, Samsung SHW-A210S, Samsung SHW-A220S,Samsung SHW-A250K, Samsung SHW-A250S, Samsung SHW-A300S, Samsung SHW-M110S,Samsung SHW-M180K, Samsung SHW-M180S, Samsung SHW-M240S, Samsung SHW-M250K,Samsung SHW-M250S, Samsung SPH-M8400, Samsung SPH-W2400, Samsung SPH-W2900,Samsung SPH-W3000, Samsung SPH-W4100, Samsung SPH-W4200, Samsung SPH-W5000,Samsung SPH-W5200, Samsung SPH-W5300, Samsung SPH-W5310, Samsung SPH-W5500,Samsung SPH-W7900, Samsung SPH-W8300, Samsung SPH-W8400, Samsung SPH-W8500,Samsung SPH-W9000, Samsung SPH-W9100, Samsung SPH-W9500, Samsung U700, Samsung W330,Samsung W460, Samsung W720, Samsung X01SC, Samsung Z300, Samsung ZV10

    Siemens EF81, Siemens SXG75

    SKY IM-A650S, SKY IM-A690S, SKY IM-A800S, SKY IM- U585S

    Sony ST21a, Sony ST21i

    Sony Ericsson
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    Toshiba G810, Toshiba G910

    Vodafone 715, Vodafone 716, Vodafone 725, Vodafone 830i, Vodafone 845, Vodafone 858,Vodafone K4511

    ZTE Blade (P729B), ZTE F160, ZTE F951E, ZTE K3570-Z, ZTE K3765-Z, ZTE Libra, ZTE MF100,ZTE MF102, ZTE MF180s, ZTE MF190, ZTE MF622, ZTE MF626, ZTE MF632, ZTE Racer, ZTE Skate,ZTE Style Q (TQ150), ZTE V875, ZTE V889F (Model A2)

    Package Contains :
    • 1 x Medusa Sinbad
    • 1 x Dongle
    • 1 x JTAG Clip
    • 6 x Universal testpoints set
    • 5 x RJ-48 cables
    • Testpins

    * Sales package content and specifications may vary and might change without notification.
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