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    Brand Style Touchscreen
    Operating System 3.5mm Audio Jack Radio
    Accelerometer Camera GPS
    WLAN/Wi-Fi QWERTY Keyboard Display Resolution
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    Why Our Customers Love Us?
    Customer Testimonials

    Martview Quality Control From Sourcing to Delivery

    Have you ever wonder what your newly-purchased cell phone, or any products that you purchase from us went through to arrive safely at your doorstep? At, our customer care and quality control starts even before your order is placed – whether as a wholesaler, or someone who's just looking to buy the latest gadget – from sourcing to delivery, your purchases are streamlined into a efficient and well run system that that went through several yet efficient processes to ensure that you received what you are buying for.

    Sourcing Your Products

    With offices located in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Hong Kong, Malaysia and United States, we work with the best and most trusted supplier teams be they manufacturers or authorized distributors all over the region, to get the latest products available and yet in our best capacity negotiated for the best price for you. All these suppliers share our vision of never settle for the best while providing solutions to build a convenient place while you shop with us.

    Consistently bearing with you in mind, all these happens while you're sitting in the comfort zone of either your own office or home to browse on 's huge range of products, we're already busy selecting the latest product available with the best competitive for you.

    Processing Your Product Order

    As soon as we confirmed your order, you will received an confirmation email from us. At same time, our team leap into action and immediately begins to process with your ordered items. At this stage, one team will reviews the details of your ordered items and checks for any special instruction from you, while another team zooms in to get the stock from our warehouse. Meanwhile, an email confirmation of your order will have already arrived in your inbox and your product will go through stringent quality control process before shipped to you.

    Testing Your Products

    At this point, even though your products has been tested before it arrived to us by our trusted suppliers are all trusted manufacturers of quality items, it will still go through any quality control procedure to ensure it is in tip top condition before we ship to.

    Product Arrives from Supplier
    When product arrives from suppliers before entry to storage, it will pass through a stringent quality control procedure whereby it will be evaluated for its performance as per stated and functionality. If this product pass through our strict checklist, it will then put to storage whereby it will be clearly label identified by stock id and by location.
    Match Customer's Order with Product
    At this point, when we confirmed your order, we will make sure that we retrieve the right stock for you before they are send for another round of quality control process.
    Inspect Every Nook & Cranny
    At this moment, when our own quality control teams received the product, they will gives your product another round of inspection, inside and out, base on strict check point and requirements.
    Take Picture of Your Purchase Items
    After Inspection, we will take image of the inspected items and email you upon delivery to the shipping agent.
    Stamp of Approval & Ship off to you
    When the product meets our standards, we give it our stamp of approval or it will be rejected if it does not meet our standard of requirement. It's now ready to be shipped off to you!
    Packing Your Products

    At this point, there is another final checking on your items in the box and matches it with the order number and to that of the website to ensure that you will received the correct items.

    Martview's packaging and delivery team ensure that the packaging will withstand the long journey and does in a way that the product will arrive to you in the way you expected. Our years of experience gained in the years of our business, has tell us how to do a good package. As we are shipping hundreds and hundreds of parcel per day, our packaging team ensure that you received the right item from us, we will attached the photos of the shipment package content. We also will attachment the labels or airway bill.

    Tracking Your Products

    Once your parcels leaves our warehouse, we will inform and email you the tracking number. Our service to you as our valuable customer does not end here. If elected to ship your parcel is ship by DHL, FEdex, UPS, USPS, our systems will consistently monitors it until you have received the parcel.


    Martview Quality Control Team at Work

    Our highly trained quality control team at work to ensure that your order items meet the specific requirements as stated by the manufacturers.

    Our QC team checking all ordered products work before shipping
    A member of the QC team checking an order's functionality

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