SFT Dongle (Powerful Flashing Tool)

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RELEASE DATE: 18-07-2018

What News
- New Task Qualcom
- Vivo FRP
- Oppo FRP
- New loader [Qualqomm]
- New Boot [Qualqomm]
- Write/Read Qualcomm (Fix Issue)
- Xiaomi Micloud (Fix Issue)
- Auto Reboot After Flash (Fix Issue)
- Diag Enable (Fix Issue)
- Adb Error (Fix Issue)
- UFS Flash (Fix Issue)

- Md5 Check Eroor (Fix Issue)
- Manual Partition (Fix Issue)
Added New Models
More Alcatel Models Added:
U5 3G (4057A, 4047D, 4047F, 4047G, 4047N, 4047X)
U5 LTE (5044A, 5044C, 5044D, 5044I, 5044K, 5044O, 5044S, 5044T, 5044Y)

More Asus Models Added:
A002-ZS571KL, A007-ZB501KL, X007D-ZB552KL, X009D-ZB450KL, X00BD-ZB500KG,
X00LD_3-ZB553KL, X00P-ZB555KL, X00PD-ZB555KL, X00PS-ZB555KL, X00QD-ZE620KL,
X00RD-ZA550KL, X013D-ZB551KL, X017D-ZC600KL, Z00L-ZE550KL, Z00L-ZE600KL,
Z00MD-ZE600KL, Z00T-ZE601KL, Z00UD-ZD550KL, Z00UD-ZD551KL, Z010D-ZC550KL,
Z012D-ZE552KL, Z012D-ZE553KL, Z012DA-ZE552KL, Z012DB-ZE552KL, Z012DC-ZE552KL,
Z012DS-ZE552KL, Z016-ZS570KL, Z017D-ZE520KL, Z017DA-ZE520KL, Z017DB-ZE520KL,
Z01GD-ZS551KL, Z01KD-ZE554KL, Z01M-ZD552KL

More Huawei Models Added:
ALE-L04, ATH-AL00, ATH-CL00, ATH-UL01, ATH-UL06, CAM-AL00, CHE1-CL20,
CHM-CL00, CRO-U00, DLI-AL10, DLI-L22, DLI-L42, DLI-TL20, FDR-A05L, JDN-AL00,
JDN-L01, JDN-W09, KII-L03, KII-L05, KII-L21, KII-L22, KII-L23, KII-L33,
KIW-AL10, KIW-CL00, KIW-L21, KIW-L22, KIW-L24, KIW-TL00, KIW-TL00H, KIW-UL00,
MYA-L02, MYA-L03, MYA-L22, MYA-L23, PLE-701L, PLE-703L, SCL-L32, SCL-U23,
T1-821L, T1-821W, T1-823L, T1-A21W, TIT-CL10, TIT-TL00, Y600-U151, Y625-U51,

More Lenovo Models Added:
A395E, A560, A780E, A805E, A890E, A5600, A7020a40, A7020a48, K52e78, K52t38,
K530T, S580, TB-7304F, TB-7304I, TB-7304X, TB-8704V, TB-X103F, TB-X704A,
TB-X704N, TB-X704V, TB-X704Y, ZUK Z2P-Z2121, ZUK Z2X-Z2151

More LG Models Added:
H930, H930DS, H930G, H932, H933, LS755, LS676, LS777, LS998, M257, M320G,
M322, M700DSN, M700H, M700TV, M700Y, M703, MG600K, MG600L, MG600S, MK120K,
MK120L, MK120S, MK121K, MK121L, MK121S, MP450, MV300K, MV300L, MV300S, MX320K,
MX320L, MX320S, MX600K, MX600L, MX600S, MX800K, MX800L, TP450, US110, US998,
V530, V533, VS995, VS996, X180, X190, X230, X240

More Micromax Models Added:
C1A, C2A Plus, B4A, B5, B5 Plus, B5 Pro, E4815, E4816, E4817, HS1, HS3, P680,
P681, P701+, Q3551, Q398, Q402 Ultra, Q426+, Q442, Q452, Q465 Lite, Q480,
Q4601, YU5530

More Motorola Models Added:
XT1792, XT1793, XT1794, XT1795, XT1797 (Moto G5S Montana)
XT1789-01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 (Moto Z2 Force Nash)
XT1802, XT1803, XT1804, XT1805, XT1806 (Moto G5S Plus Sanders) with Sahara
XT1900-1, XT1900-2, XT1900-4, XT1900-5, XT1900-6, XT1900-7 (Moto X4 Payton)
XT1922 (Moto G6 Play Aljeter)
XT1925 (Moto G6 Ali)
XT1926 (Moto G6 Plus Evert)
XT1929 (Moto Z3 Play Beckham)

More Nokia Models Added:
Nokia 1 (TA-1047, TA-1056, TA-1060, TA-1066, TA-1079)
Nokia 2 (TA-1007, TA-1011, TA-1023, TA-1029, TA-1035)
Nokia 6 2018 (TA-1016, TA-1054)
Nokia 7 (TA-1013, TA-1015, TA-1018, TA-1040. TA-1041)
Nokia 7 Plus (TA-1046, TA-1062)
Nokia 8 (TA-1004, TA-1012, TA-1052)

More BLU Models Added:
A030L Advance4.0 L2, A050U Advance5.0 HD, A070U Advance5.5 HD, A110 Advance4.0,
C0010LL CX5, C0010UU C5, C0010Q C5, D010L/U Dash X, D090L/U Dash M2,
D110L/U Dash X2, D210L Diamond M, D251L Dash L2, D343L Dash3.5, D470U Dash5.5,
D690U Studio5.5C, D710 Dash XL, D931 Dash L3, D970L Vivo IV, D980L Vivo Air,
E0010UU Energy X, E0030UU Energy XL, E010Q Energy X, E030L/U Energy X Plus,
E090 Energy Diamond Mini, E110 Energy M, E130 Energy Diamond, G0010 Grand X,
G0030 Grand XL LTE, G010 Grand HD, G070 Grand M, G090 Grand X, G110 Grand Max,
G150 Grand XL, G190 Grand Energy M2, J6010 Studio X Plus, L0070UU Life One X,
L010Q Life X8, L0110EE/UU Life Max, L0150WW Life One X3, L050L/U Life XL,
L170i Life Play 2, L280 Life 8, L290L Life 8 XL, N090L/U Neo X Plus,
P0030UU Life Pure XR, P271L TouchBook M7, P290L TouchBook M7 Pro, R010P R2 3G,
R0110 J2 LTE, R0150EE R2, R0170WW R2, R0190WW R2 Plus, R0051UU R1 Plus,
S0250UU Studio G HD LTE, S0270UU Studio XL2, S0290UU Studio J5,
S030Q Studio G Plus, S0310UU Studio Max, S050Q Studio J1, S070Q Studio Selfie,
S090Q Studio C HD, S110L Studio M HD, S170L Studio G HD, S210Q Studio G Mini,
S230Q Studio Selfie 2, S450L/UL Star 4.5, S550Q Studio G2 HD, S590Q Studio J2,
S610P Studio Mega, S710U Studio M5+, S750P Studio Pro, S790Q Studio View XL,
S810 Studio View, T0010UU Tank Extreme Pro, V0070EE/UU Vivo XL2, V0090LL,
V0110EE/UU Vivo 6, V0150LL/UU Vivo 8, V0160WW Vivo S, V0250WW Vivo XL3,
V0290WW Vivo One Plus, V050/V051 Vivo 5 Mini

More CHERRY Models Added:
Desire R7 Lite, Desire R7 Mini, Desire R7 Plus, Flare A1, Flare A3, Flare A5,
Flare Infinity, Flare

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 - Identify Device Before Flashing
 - Flashing  Fastboot
 - Flashing Zip File Sideload [ Recovery Mode ]
 - Read Write Imei Only Cpu Intell
 - Read info
 - Unlock Bootloader
 - Wipe Userdata & Cache 
 - Remove Frp 
 - Install Twrp 
 - Root and Unroot [ Asus Intel Universal , Xiaomi ]
 - Reset Live Demo Intell
 - Clear Accound Data
 - Clear NVM And EFS
 - Clear FRM Lock
 - Enable User Mode
 - Repair Baseband

 - Identify Partition
 - Write Full / Sector
 - Read Full / Sector
 - Listing File Header Img OR Dump Userarea

 - Support New  MT6750,6755,MT6757,MT6795,MT6797,MT6799, dll
 - Support New Flash Meizu MT6735 Protected SLA  { NEW }
 - Include Selected DA File And Auth File  { NEW }
 - Include Brom FlashtoolLib Added New Mtk Chip  { NEW }
 - Identyfi Device From Soc File
 - Flashing From Scater File [ Download Only , Format+Downlod , Format 
   All , Upgrade Firmware,Emmc / Nand Format , Low Level Format ]
 - Read Partition Device Include Scater
 - Erase Partition Device
 - Read / Write Imei Permanent Support New Chip MTK [ Fix bug ] { NEW }
 - Reset Demo Live [ Oppo F1 , F1S , OPPO A39 , VIVO V5,, VIVO V5S, VIVO 
   V5Lite, VIVO Y66]
 - Reset FRP
 - Reset Factory Protect [ MEIZU M1,M1_Note,M2,M2_Note, M3 , 
   M3S,M5,M5E,M5S,M6 ] { NEW }
 - Remove  Patern Lock 
 - Remove Micloud MTK New Method  { NEW }
 - Remove Accound Flyme
 - Format Auto And Manual Address
 - ADB & Fastboot Utility
 - Write Memory From Listing Partition Scater
 - Identyfi Device Qualqomm [ New  Fix Bug ]
 - Flashing With edl mode From xml [  New Fix Bug ]
 - Include Picture EDL Mode   { NEW }
 - Backup / Erase Partition
 - Write Imei [ GSM Only ,Dual QSM , GSMCDMA ,CDMA Only ]
 - Read or Write QCN  [ New Include Dual Sim Mode ]
 - Clean Micloud  [ New Support Mi5 ,Mi5s ,Mi5s_Lithium ,Mi_Mix ,Mi6 ] [ FIx Bug ] { NEW }
 - Remove Patern Lock [ Fastboot mode ]
 - Clear Modem [ Fastboot Mode ]
 - Remove Frp [ ASUS,  OPPO , Infinix , Xiaomi ] Mode Edl
 - Remove Frp  Mode Fastboot
 - Remove Unlock bootloader
 - Intall TWRP
 - Clear Cache / Userdata
 - Fix Bt Wifi
 - Fix Baseband Imei
 - Format  Data [ Mode recovery ]
 - Swiching Bricked Qualqoom 9008 to 9006

Xiaomi Official 
 - Flashing  All data Mode Edl 
 - Provisioning UFS  { NEW }
 - Erase Full [  Boot 1 boot2 Userarea ]

 - Flashing  Debrick Intel Mode With List Execute 
 - Erase Ifwi Method
 - Disable Secure

 - Flashing Auto [rapido ]And Manual 
 - Option Before Flashing [ wipe Nuke ]
 - Write Imei and Meid 
 - Backup Nv Item
 - Restore Nv item
 - Disable Bims 
 - Enable Bims
 - Format Fat 
 - Remove BBID
 - Erasing Manual Adress
 - Reset factory [ nuke wipe ]

 - Flashing All Samsung
 - Reboot Downloader
 - Reset Factory Default
 - Auto Remove FRP  [Auto set Chipset ]
 - Disable Factory Mode
 - Read EFS 
 - Write EFS 
 - Writing Imei Chipset Spreedtrum
 - Enable Language All Samsung [Root] { New }

Sony Xperia [ New ]
  - Flashing Ftf file
  - Exlude System and Wipe data or Wipe Cache 
  - Flashiing system and kernel [ fastboot mode ]

 - Auto Index [Server US ]
 - List File Ftp [Server Local ]

Package include:
1 x SFT Dongle

NOTE: We dont guide you how to use it make sure you know how to use it before buying it, however you can still find solution or help from official site or at https://www.martview-forum.com/forums/sft-dongle.136/ 

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