Vault-Grade Security,
Solid Design

Discover your financial freedom by keeping your private key offline, with ultimate security.

Advanced Technology

Your private key and PIN are stored in the military-grade Infineon SLE Solid Flash CC EAL 5+ Secure Element.

Cross-platform Operation

SecuX web and mobile apps help manage, send, and receive crypto assets — anytime, anywhere.

1000+ Cryptocurrencies

Our hardware wallets support over 1000 cryptocurrencies and can manage up to 500 accounts.

Access and manage your portfolio easily

Manage your digital assets easily on our large 2.8-inch touch screen. Browse through your investment portfolio and verify transaction details at a glance. You can send and receive funds safely and stress free.

From concept to product, the SecuX team of experts inspects safety and security features at all levels to deliver the highest-quality hardware wallet.

Payment methods
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