About Martview

Martview is an e-book Reader & Mobile Phone Application Developer for Google Play Store. The E-Reader is world's most downloaded e-reader at CNET. The E-Reader was founded in 2007 by Marc Tang, former founder of i-Pmart in 2015, Marc Tang sold the company and start focusing on Martview as the new rising site for the GSM / Telecommunication & Electronics Gadgets industry.

In the 18 years as an information technology entrepreneur, Marc Tang specialises in mobile phones, flashing & unlocking devices,  a wide range of electronic gadgets spare parts, accessories, and ETC. Martview's mission & vision statement is as follow: to provide our clients with the broadest selection of GSM / Telecommunication & Electronics Gadgets at the most competitive prices. 

Marc Tang's many prominent achievements include winning an Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship award in 2014 and having his success published in Malaysian e-Commerce Success Stories.