Quick 6601 / 6602 Air Cleaner

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  • Air cleaner with multiple filtration to clean the intake air from dust particles and, in particular, hazardous chemical compounds arising from soldering. The portable cleaning system is designed to operate where it is not permanently and in multiple places, or where it is impossible to install static piping and air out through the wall. 
  • The suction system can be used directly during work and to remove the contaminated air or at any time into a contaminated area which, for example, is not equipped with windows. 
  • When working with soldering and hot-air stations it is necessary to use flux pastes, fluxes or various forms of rosin.
  • It is a fraction of resin acids, a complex mixture of isomeric diterpene monocarboxylic acids having the empirical formula C20H30O2. Leaching can easily pyrolyze the substances used in the spraying process, and those newly created have a more harsh name and are especially dangerous because they have carcinogenic effects ... The air purifier combines the smoke extractor and the liquidator of these fluids in one and is effective helpers to reduce these risks. Extracts the dangerous vapors of these substances and keeps clean air in the environment in which you breathe. Despite its performance, running is quiet and will not disturb you at work. The system comes with a 1.5 meter long moldable plastic tube, which is self-supporting after molding and does not require additional grip or hanging.
  • High-quality air filtration takes care of several zone filtration, the first of which is a dust filter that prevents the main filter from clogging and extending its life. The main filter consists of HEPA (high efficiency particulate air filter). This type of air filter is capable of removing 300 nanometer particles from the air with at least 99.97% efficiency (particles of this size are most difficult to filter for filters) - larger and smaller particles are filtered with even greater efficiency. A gas filter - based on activated charcoal, which is capable of capturing harmful gases or sublimed pollutants released in soldering processes, is located behind this filter. Both the main filter and the dust filter can be purchased separately. Filtering occurs automatically. To clean the air that is extremely dust-dirty, a third extra dust filter can be used for the first phase of the air cleaning, which is placed on the pre-filter before the chassis is closed. Take it off after filtering out the thickest dirt.
  • The filter system has a remote control on the cable and timer control. The timer is used for automated air purification after work is completed. 

Power supply: 230V / 50Hz
Static pressure: 2400Pa
Airflow through fan: 120 m3 / h
Air flow through filters: 100 m3 / h
Dust filter efficiency: minimum 99.97 % to 300nm Gas
Filter: yes / activated carbon
Power consumption: 120 W
Noise level: <60dB Flexible
tube length: 1.5m
Dimensions: 400 (H) X230 (h) X350 (W) mm

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