Warranty Term & Claim

  1. All warranty coverage begins from the date of purchase from Martview website.
  2. Warranty period is 1 Year. However, based on the specific item or element of the equipment, the warranty period is further elaborated as per table below


                                   Description         Warranty Period
Phone  1 / 3 / 5 Years
Accessories / Repairing Tools / Boxes & Others 6 Months


Warranty shall follow as stated by the Manufacturer, which you will find along or inside the product’s packaging. In general, it does not cover the following instances:

  • Damage to equipment / accessory / part is or has been caused by accident, abuse, neglect, improper testing installation, adjustment, operation, maintenance, alteration or modification of any kind.
  • Caused by spillage of food or liquid hazard
  • Damage caused by fire. flood, voltage fluctuation, faulty installation
  • Damage caused by user error or fault, whether accidental or intentional
  • All plastic surfaces and all other externally exposed areas that are scratched or damaged; this includes dents, cracks, chips, indentations etc.
  • Phone is rooted or "jailbreak" by user
  • LCD screen cracked
  • Sticker / hologram sticker / warranty sticker on the merchandise has been defaced, removed or damaged. Warranty will be considered void.
  • Phone is modified by user in manner that is beyond manufacturer’s compliance 
    Equipment must be sent to the designated and approved Service Centre. If sent to another service centre, the warranty will be considered void.


NOTE: Buyer will need to bear the returning postage and upon repaired Martview will need to bear the postage to ship back.