WDS-700 Optical Alignment BGA SMD Rework Station for Mobile Phones iPhone Samsung Motherboard BGA IC Repair Replacement

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Independent two temperature control system

  • The upper and lower temperature zones are heated by hot air. The temperature is precisely controlled at ±1°C. The upper and lower temperature zones can be heated from the top of the component and the bottom of the PCB at the same time. Can also set up 8 temperature control at the same time, can make PCB board be heated evenly
  • Local heating of the BGA chip and PCB can be performed at the same time. The upper or lower temperature zone can be used independently by selecting and freely combining the energy of the upper and lower heating elements
  • Select high-precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control and PID parameter auto-tuning system; can simultaneously display four temperature curves and store multiple sets of user data, and has an instantaneous curve analysis function; external temperature measurement interface to achieve accurate detection of temperature, The actual temperature curve of the BGA can be analyzed and verified at any time. And can cancel the analysis, setting and correction of temperature parameters on the touch screen

Precise optical alignment system:

  • adopts high-definition adjustable CCD color optical vision alignment system, with split light, zoom in, zoom out, and auto focus function, and is equipped with automatic color difference resolution and brightness adjustment device; 15inch HD LCD screen

Multi-functional humane operating system

  • High-definition touch man-machine interface, upper heating device and placement head integrated design, equipped with a variety of titanium alloy BGA nozzle, the nozzle can rotate 360 °, easy to install and replace
  • The X, Y and R angles are fine-adjusted with a micrometer and the alignment is accurate. Accuracy up to ±0.01mm

Superior safety protection function:

  • After the welding or desoldering is completed, it has an alarm function. Under the temperature and space conditions, the circuit can automatically power off, with double over-temperature protection function. Temperature parameters with password protection, to prevent any changes and other security protection features.

Product Application

  • BGA rework station could be used in : 
  • Laptop / Notebook/ Computer motherboard repair. 
  • Playstation / XBOX 360 and other game console repair. 
  • Mobile phone motherboards repair. 
  • TV / Video / ipad mainboard repai. 
  • SMD/ SMT / IC BGA rework

Repair steps:

  • Desoldering the BGA chip from mother board 
  • Clean Pad
  • Reballing or replace a new BGA chip directly
  • Alignment/Positioning – Depend on experience ,silk frame ,optical camera
  • Solderinga new BGA chip
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