Z3X Box Samsung + LG Edition with Cable Set (52 Pcs )

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Z3X-Box Samsung Plus LG Edition by GPG - Outstanding Features

  • Phones can be selected from Z3X Shell in alphabetical order or by platform.
  • Software will show information about required cable for each model automatically.
  • Software will display information whether the phone should be connected to the box with or without battery.
  • Regular smart card updates.
  • Multilingual software interface.
  • With Z3X-Box you can exchange configuration files with other users.
  • Software will automatically inform you about new updates.
  • Z3X-Box uses flash files in original format (only UMTS).
  • Z3X-Box Samsung Plus LG Edition works with swap PCBs.
  • Available service features: battery calibration, LCD contrast, RX TX, reset, etc.
  • You can automatically login to support area from the main software by pressing "Support" button.

Z3X-Box Samsung Plus LG Edition by GPG Supported Samsung Models

Z3X Box Samsung Plus LG Edition - Support for UMTS module:

  • 705SC, 706SC, 707SC, 707SCII, 708SC, 709SC, 709SCII,
    805SC, 821SC, 920SC,
    A411, A412, A501, A551, A561, A701, A707, A711, A717, A727, A736, A737, A747, A747N, A767, A777, A801, A811, A821, A837,
    F330, F400, F480, F490, F700,
    G400/G400F, G800/G800L, G808,
    J200, J630,
    L170, L400, L760/L760G, L768, L770V, L810, L811,
    P910, P920, P930, P940, P960,
    T639, T818,
    U700/U708, U700B, U800/U800F, U900/U900u,
    Z100, Z105, Z107, Z110, Z130, Z140, Z150, Z170, Z230, Z240, Z240E, Z248, Z300, Z310, Z360, Z370, Z400, Z500, Z510, Z540, Z548, Z560, Z620, Z630, Z650, Z710, Z720/Z720M, Z728, ZV10, ZV30, ZV40, ZV50, ZV60

Z3X Box Samsung Plus LG Edition - Support for SYSOL Module

  • B110
    C160, C160B, C168, C168B, C180, C327,C450, C458
    E100, E108, E330, E330N, E335, E338, E420, E428, E630, E638, E700, E708, E800, E808, E820
    M110, M120
    X100, X100A, X108, X460, X468, X490, X540, X550, X600, X608, X620, X628, X640, X648, X650, X658

Z3X Box Samsung Plus LG Edition - Support for SWIFT Module

  • B130
    D500, D500E, D508, D510, D600, D600E, D608, D600E, D610, D618, D780, D788, D820, D828, D880, D888, D900, D908, D900I, D908I, D980, D988
    E200, E208, E200B, E208B, E250, E258, E250D, E258D, E340, E348, E350, E358, E360, E368, E370, E370L, E378, E380, E388, E390, E398, E480, E488, E500, E508, E590, E598, E640, E648, E690, E698, E730, E738, E740, E748, E750, E758, E760, E768, E780, E788, E830, E838, E890, E898, E1110
    F110, F118, F150, F158, F250, F258, F270
    G600, G608
    I710, I718, I750, I758
    J150, J158, J210, J218, J700, J708, J770
    L250, L258, L310, L318, L600, L608
    M150, M158, M200, M3510, M610, M618, M3200
    P180, P200, P220, P240, P260, P780, P788, P850, P858
    S3600, S9402
    T219, T229, T339, T429, T439, T619
    X670, X678, X700, X708

Z3X Box Samsung Plus LG Edition - Support for Agere Module

  • A127
    B100, B108, B200, B208, B220, B228, B300, B308, B310, B320, B328, B500, B508, B510, B518, B520, B520B, B528
    C120, C128, C130, C130B, C140, C150, C170, C178, C180, C188, C200, C208, C210, C218, C225, C230, C238, C240, C240L, C250, C258, C260, C260, BC268, C300, C300B, C308, C400, C408, C520, C528, C3110
    D410, D520, D528, D720, D728, D800, D800N, D807, D808, D830, D838, D840, D848
    E116, E210, E218, E230, E300, E300F, E310, E310F, E490, E498, E530, E570, E578, E600, E600F, E608, E610, E618, E620, E628, E710, E715, E720, E728, E770, E778, E790, E810, E818, E840, E840B, E848, E900, E906, E908, E910, E918, E950, E958
    F200, F208, F210, F218, F300, F300B, F308
    I300, I308, I310, I320, I400, I408
    J600, J600E, J600G, J608, J610, J618
    L320, L328
    M120, M300, M300B, M300N, M308, M310, M318, M600, M608, M620,M628
    P110, P310, P318, P528
    S300, S300M, S308, S308M, S400I, S410, S410I, S501L, S720L, S730L, S3030
    T419, T519, T539, T609, T619, T629, T639, T719
    U100, U108, U300, U308, U600, U600B, U600G, U608, U608B, U608G
    X120, X140, X150 ,X160, X160B, X168, X168B, X200, X208, X210, X218, X300, X308, X400, X408, X450, X458, X461, X480, X481, X500, X508, X510, X518, X520, X528, X530, X610, X630, X638, X660, X668, X680, X680N, X688, X800, X808, X810, X818, X820, X828, X830, X830N, X838

Z3X Box Samsung Plus LG Edition - Support for Broadcomm Module

  • A401
    J160, J400, J750, J758

Z3X Box Samsung Plus LG Edition - Support for TSWCDMA (3G Swift)

  • B2700

Z3X-Box Samsung Plus LG Edition by GPG Supported LG Models

Z3X Box Samsung Plus LG Edition - Support for Infineon Module

  • CU320
    KG270, KG271, KG275, KG276, KG278, KG285, KG288, KG289, KG370, KG375, KP100, KP105, KP105A, KP105B, KP106, KP106A, KP106B
    MG160A, MG160B, MG161, MG370

Z3X Box Samsung Plus LG Edition - Support for Analog Devices Module

  • A7150
    B2000, B2050, B2060, B2070, B2100, B2150
    C1100, C1150, C1200, C1400, C2200, C3100, C3300, C3310, C3320, C3380, C3400, C3600
    F2100, F2300, F2400, F2410, F7100
    G1600, G1610, G3000, G5300, G5300i, G5400, G7100, G7120
    KG110, KG115, KG118, KG119, KG130, KG210, KG220, KG221, KG225, KG228, KG240, KG245, KG320, KG320s, KG328, KG90, KG800, KP200, KP202, KP202i, KP235
    MG100, MG101, MG105, MG320, MG800, MG808
    W3000, W5300, W7100

Z3X Box Samsung Plus LG Edition - Support for LG QUMTS Module

  • CU320, CU400, CU405, CU500, CU515, CU575, CU720, CU915, CU920
    KE990, KF310, KF700, KS20, KU250, KU310, KU311, KU380, KU385, KU450, KU730, KU800, KU950, KU970, KU990
    L600V, MU500, MU550
    TU500, TU515, TU550, TU575, TU720
    U250, U250C, U300, U300C, U310, U310C, U370, U450, U450C, U830, U880, U890, U900, U960, U970, U990, U8210, U8290


Z3X-Box Samsung Plus LG Edition by GPG Package Contains*

  • Z3X-Box Samsung + LG Edition – 1 Pcs.
  • Cable set:
    1. GW520
    2. U81XX RJ45
    3. FOMA
    4. A2
    5. KG800 RJ45
    6. KH4500
    7. B1200
    8. KH1200
    9. U81XX USB
    10. KU311
    11. KG300
    12. KF300
    13. KE500
    14. MUAI
    15. KG190
    16. 510
    17. 7050
    18. 1800
    19. CA101
    20. P990
    21. P999
    22. GW300
    23. GS102
    24. Z500
    25. V804
    26. Z105
    27. D720
    28. E210
    29. 730SC
    30. Z320i
    31. C140
    32. D500
    33. E860
    34. B7300C
    35. E810
    36. X540
    37. J750
    38. C180
    39. C3300K
    40. E700
    41. S100
    42. E530
    43. S8300
    44. D800
    45. C450
    46. G810
    47. C160
    48. M2510
    49. C260
    50. i8910
    51. i8510
    52. USB A2B
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